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The Hungry Hormone

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As we continue to explore our hormones and how they affect our weight and gut

health let's place the spotlight on Ghrelin often referred to as the Hungry Hormone.

Ghrelin is an appetite-stimulating hormone mainly produced by the stomach . When we haven't eaten for a while and our stomach is empty, ghrelin secretion increases. This sends a signal to our brain telling us we are hungry.

Therefore it makes sense to keep our tummies feeling fuller for longer, to delay the ghrelin production and thereby delay the hunger sensation. This can be achieved by diet, such as eating foods that are harder and take longer to digest such as lean proteins, wholegrains and fibre rich foods.

To think about it simply, there is the same energy in a banana as a can of cola but we all know which would keep us feeling fuller for longer.

In addition getting enough sleep is linked to good ghrelin hormone balance. If you ever start the day tired your body may look for energy elsewhere, raising ghrelin secretion and thereby gaining the va-va-voom it needs from food.

If you like help losing or gaining weight please message me or contact me for chat to see if my nutrition services my help you.

Happy Eating,

Nina Thomas

Registered Associate Nutritionist

07958 765337

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