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Hormones that may affect weight loss or gain

In the last and future blogs we'll explore how hormones can influence, not only the way

we feel, but our gut health and whether we are a healthy weight too.

For this blog we'll delve into the hormones that may fluctuate leading to weight gain or loss as well as body fat accumulating in certain areas.

Thyroid hormones control our metabolism -the process that transforms the food we eat into energy. The two main hormones our thyroid gland releases are thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T4). The production and release of thyroid hormones are controlled by a feedback loop system involving other glands and hormones. An imbalance in this system therefore may affect our metabolism, leading to unexplained weight loss or gain.

Reassuringly a simple blood test will help to understand if our thyroid and it's hormones are functioning within the correct range and can be arranged through our healthcare practitioner or Nutritionist.

In addition the micronutrient, iodine, is essential in our diet and is vital to thyroid and hormone function. Your Nutritionist can help you understand if you have enough iodine in your diet through Food Diary Analysis and can recommend ways of increasing this vital mineral, especially if you are following a plant-baseddiet.

If you would like a blood test to check your thyroid function or want help losing or gaining weight please message me or contact me for a no-obligation chat to see if my nutrition services my help you.

Nina Thomas

Registered Associate Nutritionist

07958 765337

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