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Beany Cutie Beauties

Whether the baked haricot bean in tomato sauce or a creamy butter bean they are very vogue at the moment due to being more sustainable than meat and fish sources of protein and significantly more affordable. These naturally gluten free beauties also have lots of positive nutrition credentials too, being a source of protein and fibre, low in fat and contributing to our 5 A Day.

Not just available dried or tinned we can now find yummy beans in jars and frozen, often giving a much better texture and flavour. A main staple in many countries whether you love kidney beans, cannellini, butter or black beans, there's more than just baked beans on toast.

If you are looking for some more inspirational ways of having beany beauties in your day then check out:-

v Recipes from the Queen of Beans herself Amelia Christie-Miller With recipes like Silky Hummus with Crispy Nduja Chickpeas or Mediterranean Cod, Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew, there is lots to ignite your taste buds over lunch or dinner.

v Also, another complimentary source of recipes is the Knorr’s Future 50 Foods Cookbook. This digital cookbook ( is full of delicious, plant-based recipes crafted by world-leading chefs. The recipes feature ingredients that are tasty, nutritious and kind to the planet.with beany recipes such as Tangy Black Bean and Chipotle Chilli and Beany Shepherd’s Pie.

v Replace some of the beef and lamb in our diet with beans - minced meat in your burgers, meatballs, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, cottage or shepherd’s pie or chilli con carne can be swapped for beans.

v Prepare winter warming soups, that feature beans such as comforting Tuscan Bean Soup or Black Bean Soup - delicious served with a wedge of granary bread.

v Use puréed beans as the basis for dips and spreads such as chickpeas, edamame or butter beans served with warm griddled flatbreads and chunky roasted peppers drizzled with olive oil and a little pesto.

v Mexican cuisine really embraces beans – spice up your evening with chicken, avocado & pinto bean enchiladas or tacos served with a salsa and refried beans.

v Add chickpeas, edamame or black beans to your lunch-time salad.

v Snack on a handful of edamame beans or homous and crudités as a change from crisps and nuts.

v Jazz up your brunch with a Baked Bean Shakshuka grilled with beans, eggs and a little cheese served with fresh sliced avocado.

Remember, if want to hear more about these awesome legumes The Food Programme (BBC Radio 4) has a couple of excellent podcast episodes on all things beans

Happy eating,

Nina Thomas

Registered Associate Nutritionist

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