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£275 Energy Boosting Nutrition Gift Package for Bridgford & Bingham Nutrition. 


Maybe they often feel like they are lacking energy all day or at certain times of the day. It could be a change in their lifestyle that has made them lose their va-va-voom.  With this gift, through food diary analysis, we can delve into lack of vital energy producing macronutrients and nutrient deficiencies that may be contributing to their lack of energy and give dietary advice that may help them to feel full of beans again.


Energy Boosting Nutrition Gift Package:


  • Food Diary Assessment - calorie, macro and micro nutrient analysis, focusing on key energy boosting macronutrients, vitamins and minerals such as starchy carbs, B vitamins and Iron.

  • Body Composition Assessment via Bio-Impedance Analysis (1 hour with Nutritionist at Bridgford & Bingham Nutrition)

  • Individual report of Diet Analysis, Energy Boosting Nutrients and body composition  

  • Personalised simple diet recommendations and advice based on your results (further 1 hour with Nutritionist at Bridgford & Bingham Nutrition)


Choose from a luxury complementary gift box available in Elephant Grey, Matt Black or White Gloss.

Energy Boosting Gift Package in Box £275 Bridgford & Bingham Nutrition

  • 12 months from the date of delivery

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